The IRS called?

The IRS Called?

I received a phone call from the IRS, is it real or a scam?

Identity thieves often impersonate IRS agents. They will use any method to trick the victim into providing personal information or wiring money directly to the imposter.

The imposter may provide a fake IRS identification number or even alter the caller ID information to make it appear they are calling from an IRS phone number. If the victim refuses to cooperate, they may threaten the victim with arrest, deportation, or suspension of their driver’s license. In most cases the imposter becomes very aggressive and hostile.

The IRS notes that there are a few easy ways to tell when someone is impersonating the IRS:

● The IRS never calls you initially; you will receive a notice via certified mail first

● The IRS never demands immediate payment, and all tax bills are mailed

● Taxpayers always have the right to question or appeal the amount you owe

● The IRS never requires specific payment methods like a prepaid debit card

● The IRS never asks for credit card or debit card numbers over the phone

● The IRS will never threaten to call local police or law enforcement groups to arrest you for not paying

Be very wary if you are contacted this way, and report any phone calls such as these to the IRS directly. If you are unsure if the call you received is from the actual IRS, call us anytime. This complimentary phone call will be able to determine the authenticity of the caller within less than a minute.