Common Tax Forms to Expect in the Mail

At the end of January and the beginning of February your mailbox will soon be inundated with envelopes containing tax documents. With the tax code so complicated, which forms are important?

To keep it simple, anything that says “Tax Form” or “For Tax Purposes” should all be retained. It is best to have too much information than to destroy a document that will take weeks to have reissued.

Now that you have it engraved in her mind to keep all tax related documents, here are the most common tax forms you will see this year:

  • W2 – Wages and tax withholding information from your employer

  • 1099-Misc – Miscellaneous income

  • 1099-Int – Interest paid to you, most often issued by your bank for financial advisor

  • 1099-Div – Dividends paid to you, most often issued by your financial advisor

  • 1099-B – Stock sold, most often issued by your financial advisor

  • 1098 – Mortgage interest you paid

  • 1098-T – Tuition paid

  • 1095-A – Insurance premiums credits for insurance obtained on the market place

  • K-1 – Income from a partnership, S-Corporation, trust, or estate

Every scenario is different, therefore this general advice cannot be applied directly to your situation and is not intended to be tax advice. If you have concerns about your tax forms, it is best practice to consult with a tax professional.